Cory Reidenouer

Cory graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL with a Bachelor's of Arts in Cinema & Photography and a minor in History. His concentration was in film production.

All through his life, there was one constant: films. No matter what happened elsewhere, there was always a movie that Cory could watch and he could forget about everything and totally immerse himself in the story onscreen.

Through his time in school, Cory became interested in a few less popular areas of cinema - DIT and audio. His first experience in DIT was working as Camera intern on the independent film 'Dig Two Graves' starring Ted Levine and Sami Isler. DIT is a perfect fit for Cory as it combines two of his favorite things: movies and computers. Audio was a position Cory fell into as no one else wanted to do it in class, but it became a passion as well.

After purchasing a Canon 7D, Cory has also started to take up photography, but that will remain a hobby, and not something viable for a career option anytime in the foreseeable future.

While Cory is relatively new and unexperienced in the Film/Television industry, he has the skill set and desire to thrive and be successful in this industry.